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Song Of Nature to The Wild Fire w.e.f 17.06.24
Laksana to Garudan w.e.f 17.06.24
Qiji Love to Gold Eighty-Three w.e.f 17.06.24
Mazanze to Bang Bingo w.e.f 10.06.24
Thailand Captain to Captain Pegasus w.e.f 10.06.24
China Captain to Storm Eighty-Three w.e.f 10.06.24
One Million to CJ Seven w.e.f 27.05.24
Lim's Diablo to Mars Go w.e.f 27.05.24
The August to Sengon Soloman w.e.f 27.05.24
Gemilang to Onemorefortheroad w.e.f 20.05.24
Trident to Trigger Pegasus w.e.f 20.05.24
Hello Monday to Diamond Pegasus w.e.f 29.04.24
Talkintalkintiger to Lucky Warrior w.e.f 11.03.24
Steady Punpipi to Red Dragonfly w.e.f 11.03.24
All In to Dragon Whisperer w.e.f 19.02.24
Plus to Super Willy w.e.f 19.02.24
Lim's Straight to Scott The Adkins w.e.f 12.02.24
Lim's Denali to Weloveu Boss w.e.f 12.02.24
Magic Fighter to Wiseman w.e.f 05.02.24
Sage Ridge to Golden Eighteen w.e.f 22.01.24
Sage Ruler to Golden Eightyone w.e.f 22.01.24
City Gold Galaxy to Mercury Ace w.e.f 22.01.24
City Gold Pegasus to Tangesh w.e.f 22.01.24
Magnolia Blvd to Hunter Pegasus w.e.f 08.01.24
Quasar to Zeus Pegasus w.e.f 08.01.24
Foreshadow to Wins One w.e.f 01.01.24
City Gold Warrior to Boss Heng Heng w.e.f 25.12.23
City Gold Lucky to Hey Boss w.e.f 25.12.23
Qiji Auston to JB Kaingeh w.e.f 20.11.23
Try Your Best to Perseverance w.e.f 20.11.23
Sharp Dressed Man to Flying Spider w.e.f 13.11.23
Prestige Star to Yankee Star w.e.f 13.11.23
Magic Master to You Think So w.e.f 13.11.23
Headhunter to Joker Nine Six w.e.f 06.11.23
Master Of Coin to Majestic Way w.e.f 06.11.23
Mariana Trench to Pacific Diamond w.e.f 06.11.23
Absolute Radiance to Pacific Thunder w.e.f 06.11.23
Hamama to SG Sixty-One w.e.f 06.11.23
Oisin Express to Winner Power w.e.f 16.10.23
Petrograd to Nagas King w.e.f 09.10.23
Mewar to Style Of Dragon w.e.f 09.10.23
Moongate Star to Atlante Legend w.e.f 02.10.23
Roman Chief to Black Storm w.e.f 02.10.23
Malibu Beach to Beihai Turbo w.e.f 02.10.23
Elite Incredible to Exit Strategy w.e.f 02.10.23
Awesome Battle to Astro Boy w.e.f 18.09.23
Supreme One to Digging Eight w.e.f 18.09.23
Leg Day to Smart Gambit w.e.f 18.09.23
Hurricane Mars to Stretchy Four w.e.f 18.09.23
Magdalene to Happy Princess w.e.f 06.09.23
Charmshaab to Spiderman w.e.f 21.08.23
Wanted Payout to Golden Payout w.e.f 14.08.23
White Peach to Golden Peach w.e.f 14.08.23
Healthy Star to Balin w.e.f 07.08.23
Supreme Vanguard to Flying Fighter w.e.f 31.07.23
Alpha Sonic to Pacific Armani w.e.f 14.07.23
Alpha Warrior to Pacific Empire w.e.f 14.07.23
Alpha Hero to Pacific Flash w.e.f 14.07.23
Alpha Star to Pacific Glory w.e.f 14.07.23
Alpha Male to Pacific Prime w.e.f 14.07.23
Ten Ha to Safe Journey w.e.f 03.07.23
Unicorn to Super Whirlwind w.e.f 03.07.23
It's Complex to Easy Breezy w.e.f 19.06.23
VK Boy to Jakama Pegasus w.e.f 05.06.23
Bamsi Bey to Rocky Labu w.e.f 29.05.23
Sun Trek to Invincible Hero w.e.f 15.05.23
Sun Marshal to Ozzy Star w.e.f 15.05.23
Travis to Remo Mama w.e.f 08.05.23
Little Master to Nambiar Rocket w.e.f 24.04.23
Song River to Lady Asta w.e.f 17.04.23
Jupiter Storm to Top Confidence w.e.f 17.04.23
Elite Remarkable to Colonel Chief w.e.f 10.04.23
Water Rocket to Alpha Hero w.e.f 27.03.23
Watermelon to Twinkle Star w.e.f 27.03.23
Natural Hero to Try Your Best w.e.f 20.03.23
Super Ronin to Grand Supreme w.e.f 13.03.23
Storm Warning to G Go Go w.e.f 06.03.23
Lim's Moreready to Ginga Pegasus w.e.f 06.03.23
Tom Cat to Alpha Male w.e.f 27.02.23
Bounty Rainbows to Alpha Sonic w.e.f 27.02.23
Mehal to Alpha Star w.e.f 27.02.23
Dixit Dominus to Alpha Warrior w.e.f 27.02.23
Maceo to Sivaji Rocket w.e.f 27.02.23
Magic Sixty-One to Adira Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Top Sixtyone to Aragon Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Buddy Sixty-One to Arthur Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Super Sixtyone to Blaze Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Lady Sprintbok to Haniraz Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Life in Sixty-One to Khan Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Love Sixty-One to Mahs Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Fortunate Sixtyone to Perseus Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Ice Out Sixty-One to Titan Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Sky Sixty-One to Tornado Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Dark Show to Valerie Pegasus w.e.f 27.02.23
Gigante Del Andre to Mr Gun Gun w.e.f 27.02.23
Richaven to Nimbus Courage w.e.f 27.02.23
Kemarjack to Liang Boss w.e.f 13.02.23
Stageshow to Penang Star w.e.f 13.02.23
Bruce Alnaughty to Golden Lightning w.e.f 06.02.23
Mykyta to Taling Pling w.e.f 06.02.23
Mr Pacino to Flying Prada w.e.f 30.01.23
Qaidoom to Pacific Angel w.e.f 30.01.23
Topnotch to Skyscraper w.e.f 30.01.23
Ricvelo to Sebastian w.e.f 23.01.23
Iambutter to MGR Rocket w.e.f 23.01.23
Xiao Bao Bei to Pacific Bao Bei w.e.f 16.01.23
Lucky Charm to Pacific Charm w.e.f 16.01.23
South Of The River to Pacific River w.e.f 16.01.23
Albariq to Always Together w.e.f 16.01.23
Super Extreme to Ronaldo w.e.f 09.01.23
Sing Our Song to Golden Champ w.e.f 09.01.23


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